Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Protests in Wisconsin

Did the power of the people in Egypt at their peaceful protest earlier this month spark a fire here in America. The people of Wisconsin are standing up to defend their union labor right. The bill at hand will limit "collective bargaining" otherwise known as the voice of the people. Well as it seems, it is not that easy to keep these people quiet. Over six hundred people are protesting inside the capital building, including off duty cops! Thats right, the police is on the side of the people not the government (Click here to see a clip off the chief police officer taking to the protesters inside the capital building). Now that is reassuring if you ask me. Just like in Egypt, this is a peaceful protest because it wouldn't work any other way. The outcome of this protest is likely to affect the people in the surrounding Midwest, who's governments are also putting together collective bargaining laws. In addition, the outcome may hold a large row in the election taking place this winter. The previous election ended in all of the Midwest turning "red" after being notably democratic. To read more on the subject click here.

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  1. Kevin, I do think a controlled fire is spreading as people peacefully protest; they are remembering they do indeed have voices and the right to use them to speak up against injustice. I also agree with your comment, it is comforting to know the American people are are not allowing themselves to be silenced.